ALIS IT platform for digital logistics

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Systemic digitalization

The ALIS IT platform - powered by ChainLog - is a technological ecosystem that collect all data generated by its members (from sensors, digital services, diagnostic and management systems and other sources), integrates these flows into a data fabric, and interprets the information through a BI system, which generates analyses, reports and services. a beneficio delle aziende e di tutta la filiera della logistica italiana.

This is not only an opportunity for companies to make more complete, effective and profitable use of the data in their possession, with maximum security and protection of data ownership and confidentiality. It is also the contribution offered by ALIS to the construction of the PLN, the common digital environment to better manage all logistics processes and data exchange between carriers, nodes, infrastructure and PA.

Security, privacy, partnership

All data transactions are recorded on the blockchain, to ensure their traceability, permanence and non-repudiation. This allows the digital registration of data and a complete control of their sharing.

This approach guarantees full control on one’s own data: the owner determines, according to their data policy, what to share, and with whom. And it also allows a full and transparent allocation of the revenues, being them financial, reputational and technological: each value-producing sharing generates a return to the originator of the data.

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A tailored system,
always evolving

Within the logistical industry, there is certainly no shortage of digital solutions. In most cases, however, they are not integrated, operate separately and produce data silos. The answer is the system digitalisation: the integration of all solutions in a common, interoperabile.

Our VAS marketplace completely integrated in the ChainLog platform, activates the desired services directly from the main interface, just as an app is installed on a smartphone and all data produced with the new service are integrated in the dashboard, to increase the capabilities, not the workload.

Our project for the NRRP

Today, we have a great opportunity: the funds made available by the NRRP (M3C2) for the digitisation of transport companies and logistics operators, covering 30% of the investment. We also have new obligations on the horizon: the eFTI system for digital freight management and the obligation to draw up sustainability reports, which will be extended to all companies in the period 2024-2027.Our IT platform meets all these requirements and does much more: it collects all the data generated by the company's activities in a common, interoperable environment, to provide valuable services to companies, including the management of eCMR and eFTI documentation and the preparation of sustainability, resilience and safety reports.The information produced by the platform, in anonymous and aggregated form, produces an overall picture of Italian logistics, to assess the effectiveness of incentives and measures, identify critical issues and finally create a data-driven policy, where decisions are born from data and information.

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Services provided by the IT Platform

Our IT platform is going to provide all associated companies with a set of basic services already configured:

To learn more about the vision behind our project, here is a general presentation of the system.

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