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Systemic digitalization

ChainLog is the digital ecosystem that gathers all data generated in the logistical environment (by sensors, digital services, diagnostic and management systems and other sources), integrates them in a data fabric (at business and supply chain level) and provides analytics and reports with a BI module, focused on the KPIs regarding sustainability, resilience and safety/security.

Within this system, each business enables a digital twin, allowing a punctual and complete display of processes, problems, criticalities and solutions. This provides a powerful tool for investment and development planning, preemptive evaluation of the impact of changes and new policies, historical analysis, forecasting and cross-referenced data management.

Security, privacy, partnership

All data transactions are recorded on the blockchain, to ensure their traceability, permanence and non-repudiation. This allows the digital registration of data and a complete control of their sharing.

This approach guarantees full control on one’s own data: the owner determines, according to their data policy, what to share, and with whom. And it also allows a full and transparent allocation of the revenues, being them financial, reputational and technological: each value-producing sharing generates a return to the originator of the data.

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A tailored system,
always evolving

Within the logistical industry, there is certainly no shortage of digital solutions. In most cases, however, they are not integrated, operate separately and produce data silos. The answer is the system digitalisation: the integration of all solutions in a common, interoperabile.

Our VAS marketplace completely integrated in the ChainLog platform, activates the desired services directly from the main interface, just as an app is installed on a smartphone and all data produced with the new service are integrated in the dashboard, to increase the capabilities, not the workload.

Sustainability report:
our experimentation with ALIS

ALIS, the Italian Association for Sustainable Intermodality, immediately recognised the innovation value of our project, especially regarding the certification of sustainability data. This led to a joint project: a beta-test, open to ALIS associates, to test the digitalization of the sustainability reports.

The beta-testers are provided with a dedicated version of the platform, to gather, integrate and process the relevant data and elaborate a certified report, which will be used by our partner Tecno ESG to provide a complete sustainability statement.

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Fleet, infrastructure, supply chain: the digital integration

ChainLog is more than an advanced digital ecosystem with cutting-edge solutions, such as the data fabric model to search correlations among diverse data and machine-learning systems of process analytics. Most of all, it is a new paradigm of integration, helping the best practices and an optimisation of business processes, as well as a better understanding of the industry’s performance. It is also a decision-support tool, to implement truly data-driven policies.
ChainLog’s true core value is its strategic profile, defined to perform a very simple, yet very difficult task: to build a truly common and open environment, fostering a shared, sustainable, resilient and safe growth. This path can be opened only by joining the capabilities and experiences of everyone, to be even better at doing what logistics always do: unite.

To have a better understanding of the vision behind our project, the following general presentation of our system provides an overview of its architecture and positioning inside the relevant regulatory scheme.

ChainLog project presentation

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